LabelStar® System 2/1
The LabelStar System 2/1 labeler is a continuous flow, high-speed labeling machine designed for versatility and a wide range of applications. The LabelStar System 2/1 with handling system is used to apply 3, 4 and 5 panel labels on a square or rectangular bottles using a mechanical pressure door and dual wiping starwheel. The LabelStar System 2/1 also offers the option of also handling round bottles with the motorized wrap-around belt system.
Labeling Systems
1 Label | Round | Square | Oval | Rectangular Bottles | Extax Hot Glue Application
Up to 250 BPM**


This revolutionary new member of the LabelStar® family affixes the tamper-evident excise duty stamps, required by all governments, on all types of jars and bottles. Designed specifically for the cannabis industry, this is the only labeler created for the precise application of stamps with hot glue.
This innovative machine can apply up to a dozen different excise stamps during a single production run, resulting in the simultaneous labeling of goods for multiple state or provincial markets. The magazine which holds the stamps can be refilled easily without stopping the machine. Everything is controlled from the HMI (Human Machine Interface) touchscreen, so only one operator is needed to run the equipment.
Safety, reliability and efficiency are integrated into every feature of the EXTAX™. The unique magazine and positive (patent pending) servo pick and place system ensure correct, consistent label placement. The automatic vision and reject systems guarantee that excise stamps have been applied correctly and without fail.


  • Created especially for the cannabis industry
  • Easy to use, touchscreen HMI controls all functions (including enabling/disabling different stamp types during the production run)
  • Magazine holds up to 12 different types of stamps
  • Works with a variety of stamp thicknesses
  • Works with stamps from multiple provinces, states, and countries
  • Positive pick and place system
  • Multiple verification systems to ensure quality and consistency
  • EuroGuard Safety Perimeter prevents injury to operators
  • Can be programmed for all types and shapes of jars and bottles (glass, plastic, metal)
  • Can be run by a single operator
  • Processes up to 120 bottles per minute (up to 300 bottles per minute can be done using the RTS Pharma™)
  • Can be equipped with a pressure sensitive labeling head
  • To apply additional labels, allowing you to economize on space and money
* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.